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We are typically cleaning from 7am until around 4pm. However, it soley depends on our daily scheduled cleanings.
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Briefly explain your position and daily tasks.
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The Difference ?

All Organic

Our cleaning solutions are not just great for our customers, their families, and pets. WE are the ones exposed to them all day! They are all organic and ultra healthy. Our main cleaner is even edible! Although if your thirsty we recommend water. 

Competitive Pay

Are you productive and efficient? Can you put the customers priorities first? Good, because on top of your basic pay rate we also give out MONTHLY BONUSES based on realalistic performance. Don't forget we get some pretty rad tips too!

Make Your Own Schedule

We are busy... very busy... but we are here to please. We require a 2 week availability in advance. Other than that, your time is your time.


We are rapidly growing and highly prefer to promote from within. We are opening offices all over and if you have any desire to be your own boss and manage an office these opportunities would be available to you!

We Supply Everything

All you need to bring with you to work everyday is a positive attitude and a phone that has GPS, internet, text & email. We supply you with everything else.